March 31, 2009

are you normal?

how would you spend your Saturday night?
-drinking blood..hmm yummy!

where would your dream house be?
-in a cave

what kind of movies do u like?
-where people owez falls in luv

what subjects do you enjoy?

what kind of party would you throw for your birthday?
-pyjama's party

what kind of music do you enjoy?
-a variety,yg besh didenga..

what is your fave colour?

what kind of earings do you wear?
-no earings..ade lubang jep..haha

do you think that this quiz was the most awesomest quiz ever?

do you think you are normal??
-xkan x kot??

which friends seems not normal to you?
-yg ske ngadap komp 24hours,7days a week..
-exmple: fynaz,ainna,deedee..hahahah

tag people?

normal kah aku??hahaha sah normal agi...Alhamdulillah..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sgt normal:)